These vinyl stickers come with a layer of protective laminate on them that make them a little safer from liquids and finger oil.

Every order is grouped into a little display bag (can be parsed into multiple bags upon request).

Starting at $2 each ($5 for 3, so on), you’ll can spice up everyone’s day with one of these, regardless of the questionable places you stick ’em!

~Mu’s~ Full Set: 15$
Assemble your favorite subunits, or gather them all as one light!

VOCALOID ~ Kagamine Twins

Someone touch your banana? No need for a meltdown with these two!


Who doesn’t love chibi bunnies? Especially when they’re so fun and flirty like her!


She’s an otaku that adorns many different outfits, what will she wear next?


Wowsers! Cute little Kassie Kitten along side a cute Gumball and a spicy fem version of the blue kitty, as well as the much beloved Mousey, telling you to Greet every new day with an original smile, Always!


The coffee slogan may be cliche, but cliches are born in truth… Alternatively, Let’s eat! but Don’t feed honey to babies! as well as the final saying that stands eternal…